Take a look to Some of Damavand climbing records

In this article we are going to take a look to some of famous damavand climbing records. There are many other athletes who save records and traverse this mount. Lets start with Jalal rabooki also known as jalal forozan. Jalal  was a famous mountaineer also one of the myths in this field. He was known because of his adventuresome and consecutive climbings between mountaineers. He identified sixtheen different routes to Damavand. Rabooki was also a Desert tracker. He traverse the road of tarood village to aroosan in the central desert with the length of 180 kilometers with out camels in 1982. 

Rabooki was the first person who actually established the idea of fast mountain climbing in one week in Iran. He started his idea by the climbing Mount Damavand from 4 sides (north, south, east and western face. He also established his record of climbing Damavand from the four faces in one week. In other words he climbed mount Damavand and get down four times from four different ways in one week. Rabooki is from the first generation of Iranian Himalaya climbers. Jalal participates in the  identification plan of everest from khombo glacier  in 1973. He  also climbs to the height of over 7500 meters of manaslo summit. He climbed Damavand in 26 hours and 30 minutes from four faces.

Rabooki died in one of his rises to Damavand in bad weather in the age of 56 and his body was found 6 months later.

Another mountaineer is Mehdi jabarian who is a recoder in speed climbs. He traverse doberar ridge with the length of 60 kilometers in 17 hours and few minutes. Climbing tochal three times in one day. Climbing to three faces of Damavand in 21 hours and many other records are left from him. They have also a plan of climbing to alborz mountain ranges in one climb.

Beytolah sirai is the other recorder who has 247 climbes to Damavand mount.

Damavand  this enormous and exclusive mountain has seen many many athletes and climbers during years in his history that here we mention some of them.