Go Damavand Shorted for “G.D” is an adventure group specifically focused on adventure programs that would take part on Damavand Mountain and the region around it. Here we trying at the first step to introduce the potentials of activities that Damavand has.

Second we are setting our goals based on familiarizing the unseen records that can honored adventurers and record breakers with Damavand.


Our vision is to make Damavand Mountain known to all people around the world. As we believe that regarding the big potentials and the unique atmosphere of the environment and the region of Damavand has not been recognized by many adventurers. Together for the nature!


The values of our group are all just gathered in one sentenced “Green, clean earth”. The first glance is to keep our environment safe and sound without any harm. Plus enhancing Eco-tourism potentials of our country and tourism industry.

Why Damavand

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Amazing Damavand

Mount Damavand is the highest volcano of Asia and the highest mountain in Iran. And it has a very special spot among Iranians specially Mountain climbers. Les than 200 years ago the first ascend to the top of Damavand was done. And since then people got more interested in challenging them selves to top Damavand. By enhancing the technology and creating more outdoor activities, Mount Damavand became more interesting location than before and for that reason this Idea came to our mind that to promote the potentials of Mount Damavand. So here on ``Go Damavand`` we have prepared everything related to Mount Damavand and it's region.
On the opposite chart you can see the popular activities among adventurists who came to Damavand.

Ski mountaineering
Winter Climbing
Mountain Biking


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