Natural galacier of Iran

Alam kuh

The second highest summit of Iran after Damavand is alam kuh . Alam kuh is in takht soleyman region in Mazandaran. Inside alam kuh mountain there are  glaciers which are  the remainings of the last ice age on earth. These glacieres are one of the most important source of fresh water of the country. They also help in moderating the weather of the country.


Earth has experiencd  many changes during its long adventurous  life. There were some times  it spilled out fiery lava. Other times it had extensive ice ages on itself. During ice ages, ice covered all earth and huge glaciers scattered in many earth zones. The natural glaciers are important fresh water sources in all over the world. So Human life is threatened with the destruction of glaciers. Glaciers have complicated life cycle. The cycle which starts with the creation of glaciers and ended in melting of them. Nowadays few of these relics  remain.Many of them are in two poles of earth others are in high mountains. Alam kuh in Iran is one of these natural glaciers that placed one of these valuable sources in itself.

Relics from million years ago

Million years ago with the start of ice age period , glaciers extended on earth. After many years of  glacial the weather on earth changes again and by the weather become warmer  glaciers melted quickly and glaciers withdraw to the two poles of earth. However these withdraws didn’t happen every where and there were remainings in some regions. Alam kuh is the second high summit in Iran . Its height is 4850 meters and  has extensive glaceries around itself.Alam kuh glaceries are sarchal, alam chal, takht soleyman, merjikesh, khorsan, haft khan, chaloon, shaneh kuh and espilet.

Alam kuh glaceries features

In warm seasons cover of these glaceries meltes little by little and make grooves on glaceries surface. There are some places on this mountain that snow gathers there and they are  power supply for the glaciers. In higher that 4000 meters in this mountains there are grooves of the glaciers that are the result of glaciers melting.

Glaciers are all moving and this move in alam kuh is just like avalanche But it has a difference with the real avalanche and that is in the speed that is happening so slowly. After the warm seasons and the beginning of cold seasons their move just stopped. This way the process of  ice mass creation started.

Moving of gllaciers on earth polish earth surface and remain some designs from itself. In other words It also transfer rocks on its way. For instance There are also huge geranit rocks which are transferred from their place. The only force that can transfer these rocks is the power of glaciers. Even the flood water of these region cant stand these rocks. Alamkuh glaciers are the biggest moving glaciers of Iran and their ice mass are moving kilometers and transfer rocks. All these makes these region to an interesting ecotourism destination.

Alam kuh exclusive features

This summit is the highest non volcanic summit in Iran . It has many different animal species like brown bear, leopard, jackal and other kinds. Takht soleyman region (alam kuh) is in alborz mountain ranges. This huge mountainous region has  about 200 summits higher that 4000 meters and they are in companion with the Caspian sea from north, river valley of karaj chaloos from west, from east to Alamut and from south to taleghan.