Iran Mountains

Iran mountains are very appropriate for athletes of this field. Iran is a high elevated land which includes an enormous plateau, more than half of this land is covered with mountainous, unevenness from natural aspect are divided in several groups : north mountains, west mountains and south mountains ,east mountains and central mountains.

North Mountains seems like tall walls with deep valleys and narrow passages in all over the north of Iran from west to east continued from Azerbaijan to Khorasan. They include Azerbaijan, Alborz mountain ranges and Khorasan mountains.

Most important north mountains in Azerbaijan are the volcano of Sahand (3707 from the sea) and Sabalan (4811 from the sea) and in Alborz mountain ranges, Damavand volcano (5610 m) and in Binalood and Aladagh mountains Shah-e Jahan with elevation of 3350 meters from the sea level.

West and south mountains

West and south mountains or Zagros Mountains and its continuous started from Azerbaijan Mountains in northwest and continued to Makran Mountain in Balochestan. These mountains joined Turkey and Armenia mountains in northwest.

Zagros mountain width in north reaches to 200 Km. In other areas, like in the center and south it reaches to 600 kilometers. Kordestan, Lorestn, Bakhtiari, Fars and south of Baloochestan mountains are most important west and south mountains. Alvand and Oshtoran-Kuh (Zardkooh) is also from other west mountains.

Dena volcano with height of 4409 from sea, Zard-kuh (Zard-Kooh) with height of 4221 from sea and Dalahoo with height of 4050 m from sea are all the highest summits of Zagros.

Mountains of the east side of Iran

Started from North Mountains from Khorasan and continued to Baloochestan in south.East Mountains includes three mountain fields.

Jam mountain, Bakhraz heights, Sorkh Kooh, Siah kooh and Hashtadan kooh are all in “Jam Mountains”. Ghaen mountains located in south of jam mountains. Kalat, Soleiman, Ahangaran and Shah Kooh Mountains are the heights of Ghaen Mountains.

Makran Mountains in Baloochestan, which started from Sistan, near Zabol province and continued to Bam region. The last borderline in Baloochestan. Important heights are Palangan, Molk-e Siah Mountain, Sorkh Mountain and Taftan volcano (3941 m).

Central mountains of Iran

Started from near kashan and continued to central heights of Balochestan. The direction of them are from northwest to southeast. These mountains included from two mountain ranges.

Ghohrood Mountains, which has a higher length and height. It started from Kashan province and continued to Kerman province.

Karkas Mountain, Naeen Mountain and Shirkooh southwest of Yazd are the important heights of Ghohrood. Koohbanan mountain range, which starts from northwest of Kerman and continued to Baloochestan Mountains.

Jebal barez mountain range, Shahsavaran and Bozman are the important heights of Koohbanan.