History of Damavand

Damavand is the highest volcano of Asia. With the elevation of 5610 meters, it is the highest spot in Iran and even in Middle East. Damavand with its cone shape is a symbol of power and perseverance among Iranian people.

This mountain is a popular destination for mountaineers because in each time of the year you can enjoy different type of activities such as trekking, ski-mountaineering and ice climbing.

First attempts for climbing Damavand had been made over 1000 years ago. You can find out about it even in old stories.

For many years people could not reach the summit because the big black volcanic stones had blocked their way up.

An Arab geographer called ‘Abu Dolaf’ had tried climbing ascending Damavand but he failed to do so but he has mentioned the black sulphuric stones. There is a saying that local people had tried once and they could get the top after five days. They have mentioned that the summit was flat even though it looks like a cone from distance.

The first official ascend was done in 1837 by Taylor Thomson, a British guy who tried collecting sulphur from the summit. In 1857 the first Iranian team could reach the peak.

This was not the first and last try! Before Taylor Thomson, between 1793 and 1798, Europeans had tried to ascend but they failed as well.

In 1889, the first tries for winter ascend took place. Jacques de Morgan was the first person but he could only climb to 5300 meters.

It also worth mentioning that Mehri Zarafshan was the first Iranian woman who did Damavand winter ascend around 54 years ago.

Today, Damavand is not an impossible target and every year thousands of people travel to Iran just to trek Damavand or for ski-mountaineering this semi-active volcano.